Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Deck the Holidays with $250 in Onboard Credits

Making plans for the holidays is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now, but now is the time to take advantage of all the Royal Caribbean promotions and rack-up up to $250 in onboard credits!

Royal Caribbean is running 2 special promotions for the month of September. We've highlighted the eligible holiday cruises below. Onboard credit amounts vary based on the length of the cruise and the cabin type.

You can lock in this special by putting the minimum deposit amount down, and take the next 12 months to pay off the balance! Deposits for 4 & 5-day cruises are $100 per person, and deposits for 6 & 7-day cruises are $250 per person.

Promotion Breakdown

Deck the Holidays Deals

-  Sailings 5 days and less:

-  Sailings 6 days and more:

Early Booking Incentive

-  Sailings 5 days and less:

-  Sailings 6 days and more:

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11 Sep 2017

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